Meet SHE: Abby

It’s time to meet Abby, a top who joined SHE 3 and a half years ago.

Tell us about your first rehearsal.

I had only recently moved to London and was convinced that everyone was aloof and terrifying. My first rehearsal was the first place I had been where absolutely everyone smiled at me when I walked in. And then Ellie started conducting Stevie Wonder and I thought she was an absolute goddess. I was hooked.

Had you been in a choir before SHE?


What’s your power animal?

Hmmmmmmm. A bear. They are affectionate and fierce in equal measure.

And the dream boxset/takeaway combo?

House of Cards and dim sum. Especially those little char siu buns. Like, 20 of them.

If you weren’t at rehearsal on Monday nights, what would you be doing?

Currently, breastfeeding a very hungry small person. All. The. Time.

What’s your party trick?

I can bend my thumb back on itself. And I’m really good at that game where you pick up an increasingly small cardboard box from the floor with your teeth.

What was the first album you bought?

It was either a Michael Jackson album or the Lion King soundtrack on cassette…

What’s the story behind your name?

My dad named me after an ex-girlfriend of his. Without telling my mum. Thanks Dad.


Praise a fellow SHEwolf.

You’re all bloody wonderful in many many ways.

Spicer for her eternal good mood and always making me chuckle. And the fact that she sings like a seasoned black jazz singer and makes my insides go funny.

Elena for her magical musical ability and internal catalogue of absolute tunes.

Marleigh for her dance moves and excellent trousers.

Sophie for being terrifyingly productive at life. I have asked her to be my life coach on several occasions.

Gemma for always making eye contact and having a huge grin when you’re conducting. She makes me feel confident and that what I’m doing is not utterly ridiculous.

Isabelle for the face she makes when she’s conducting -it’s all deep and serene and joyous.

Kate for being my inspiration to get up and do shit that scares me. In SHE and in life. And for her unique brand of geek chic – no one else wears trousers and socks to such wonderful effect.

If you starred in your own TV show, what track would be the theme song?

SHE singing Bills at full pelt.

Without SHE..

My experience of living in London would have been very different. SHE made me feel at home.


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