Meet SHE: Spicer

Next up is Emily ‘Spicer’ Spicer, top of the tops, who has been in SHE for XXXX.

Tell us about your first rehearsal.

It was back in the days of the yurt and I remember thinking how warm and cosy it was, even though it was pretty much freezing outside.

What’s your power animal?

Hmm – dunno about power, but spirit animal I’d go for a sloth or a turtle. Something chill, but slightly useless, but that you’d happily invite to any social situation.

And your dream boxset/takeaway combo?

GIRLS/Sex and the City and stonebaked pizza with antipasti & red wine.

What gets stuck in your head at work?

Antiques Roadshow theme tune, all the time?! It kind of makes me feel productive but then I slip into a comfortable place of manic insanity.

What would be your choir superpower?

I don’t understand this question?! Mariah Carey dolphin notes?

You hate it when…

You’re forced to run for the bus and you still miss it. I haven’t run for a bus in about 10 years because I refuse to let this kind of heinous situation befall me.

What’s your number one shower hit?

Justin Timberlake – Cry Me a River.

What have you learnt from your SHE sisters?

To jump at new challenges and believe in yourself. That with support, nothing is as scary as you make it to be in your mind. That there are lots of different ways you can be a good, genuine, strong woman.

And what can people learn about from you?

The lyrics to Vanilla Ice: Ice Ice Baby.

The Kardashians (sorry).

Praise a fellow SHEwolf.

There are so many of you lovely ladies to praise! Abby, for being a generally brilliant human being, welcoming, funny and for pulling off mustard yellow better than anyone I’ve ever met. Jos, who carries me more than most people know & who I’ll miss massively. Harriet for being super considerate, thoughtful & inclusive. Elena for her low frequency chill vibe and fabulous dress sense. Urgh, I can’t stop! Everyone is awesome!

Without SHE…

I wouldn’t know so many brilliant women and have a network of people making me feel proud of myself. I’d probably feel as though I had nothing interesting or creative in my life & would be consumed by work. I wouldn’t have an outlet or be inspired to do other great things.

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