About SHE Choir London

We are unique because we are collaborative

The choir is open to and encourages active participation from all members, from leading the physical andvocal warm up to conducting and arranging songs or organising gigs. We try to foster a non-judgemental and open space where everyone feels able to have a go, regardless of experience.

We are unique because we are free

We don’t think cost should be a barrier to being part of the choir and so we are committed to being open to all members of our community.

We are unique because we teach as well as learn

We don’t audition members as we believe in keeping the choir open access and available to all self-identifying women of any age. We create a learning environment where talent is nurtured through regular skills workshops and an annual residential weekend with our sister branches, where choir members are able to learn vocal techniques, take part in arranging songs and participating in confidence building and performance exercises.
SHE choir sing our own three-part arrangements of a diverse range of contemporary and classic songs from Chaka Khan to Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones to Blackstreet, Destiny’s Child to Paul Simon and Drake to The National.

Our History

Founded in Manchester in 2010 by three music students, SHE Choir moved to the capital in 2012 and became a collaborative endeavour in 2014. Rehearsals began with 6 people in living rooms from Brockley to Olympia, before moving to a yurt in a North London skip garden. We now have a 60 strong membership in London and are hosted by the lovely Star of Kings pub in King’s Cross. SHE Choir has branches across the UK and elsewhere – see the SHE Choir Network for our sister choirs!