The long SHE road to Edenfest.

As I wash out the last stray bits of glitter and unpack my bag which smells vaguely of gin I’m not only repetitively humming ‘da, da, da’ from the Dixie Chicks but also reflecting on the last SHEmazing weekend of loveliness at Eden Festival, Dumfries, Scotland.

When we were invited to sing at Eden Festival our immediate reaction was ‘YES, hell YES..we’re in’!! Then the reality of being asked to perform at our first ever festival began to dawn and the work began.


Our rehearsals doubled and singing homework was set. Harmonies were tested and ‘just listen to the recording!!’ echoed at every rehearsal. Spreadsheets were coordinated and gin supplies considered. Lifts were divvied out and spare tents bandied about. The line-up changed slightly as singers had to duck out but new ones were found.  Group glitter supplies were gathered and excitement was building.

This excitement started to outweigh the nervous energy and the notes started to be more confident.


Once there the 14 breakaway SHEs, of our usual 30-40+ strong choir, set about last chance rehearsals as our first of three performances over the weekend loomed. As tents were set up and we explored the festival you could hear the sounds of SHE wafting across Artist camping on the Friday morning as we were drilled in our final prep by conductors extraordinaire Ros and Esther.bandstand

Confidence reaffirmed with a shot of gin, full facial glitter and SHEtatts we conveyed across the festival to our first performance in the stone circle. Being slightly out of the way of the main arena and raining we only had a small crowd by nobody could doubt their enthusiasm! SHE history happened as we had our first ever table dancers during 90s medley.

In fact I think we broke another SHE record as one of the audience members who saw us on the Friday then came to all of our other performances…THREE IN A ROW! Our first SHE groupie?

hay bale

The following two performances were larger in audience size, however we were competing with the bass from the Trance and Dance tents behind us. It tattadded a whole new element to our very soothing arrangement of Lemonworld, maybe a remix to be considered for the future? It was especially fantastic to receive the support of Dumfries and Galloway choir as they came to listen to our performances and vice versa, maybe we’ll join you on the main stage one day!

So as I continue to hum along to the earworm of Bills by Destinys Child and return to my working week I am reflecting on how proud I am of my fellow SHEs of all the work we put into weeks leading up the festival. How being part of such a positive, challenge seeking and laughter driven choir brings me joy, inspires me to be
a strong SHE and reminds me that we are family. Because after all, I’ve got all my sisters with me!

We each did Eden our way, which is the SHE way.

Thank-you Eden Festival for inviting us and all who have been involved in the festival. May we see you again in the years to come (if the Universe decides it)


One thought on “The long SHE road to Edenfest.

  1. Weegie-Babs says:

    I think that She-groupie was me!! I loved every performance you did and I’m trying to find something similar in Glasgow. You were all fab – thank you!

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