Fundraising gig for the Christie and British Red Cross

Last Friday we sang at a fundraiser for two very worthwhile causes, The Christie and British Red Cross, at Deansgate’s Lock91. The event was organised by the General Medical Council and all the acts were employees. When the initial line-up was sent round, it was noticeably all-male and the organiser did a shout-out for any female artists. I decided to sign us up, to inject some much-needed girl power into the night.

The whole evening was a complete mixed bag of talent. We followed on from a man who had played music via a Gameboy and after us was a Flight-of-the-Concords-esque guy on his piano. It was great to be part of such a diverse show. Despite the blinding spotlight and the noise from the jam-packed room, we had a lot of fun! We opened with our Gregorian-style version of Ms Jackson, by Outkast and sang some newer songs, such as Hey Mami, a song about catcalling.

Overall, the night made £315 and £157.50 was donated to each of the charities. It was fantastic that we had the chance to be involved and help raise some money for a great cause!

Written by Eloise Westall

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