As we go marching marching…

We’ve had lots of change at Shechoir Manchester over recent months. We’ve seen lots of new faces at choir rehearsals, have got ourselves some good solid governance and most importantly are settling into our new rehearsal home at PLANT.

Hidden away between the Arndale Centre and the Co-op building, PLANT plays host to incredible creatives and makers of all descriptions. We find ourselves singing among some beautiful artefacts – ceramics, textiles, furniture all made on site by a host of individuals using the community workshop space there.

In such industrious, collective-minded surroundings, it seemed fitting for our first new song there to be Bread and Roses. A Trade Union movement classic, Bread and Roses has its origins in the US Workers rights struggles, and it’s title stems from a speech by activist Rose Schneiderman.

“We want bread, but we want roses too!”

You can find out more about the song’s history here.

Any self defining women can join us at PLANT every Wednesday from 6-8pm.

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