Join SHE Choir this Festive Season 


Have you not been to choir for a while? THIS IS FOR YOU

Have you been loads? ALSO FOR YOU

Have you never been? GUESS WHAT, IT’S FOR YOU

Have you refrained from getting involved because of commitment issues? HEY BABE, WE WANT YOU.

From late October till December, we will be hosting a 6 week course in which we will be learning a-fresh brand new choral arrangement of music to accompany an incredible, magical Frosted Christmas. Local dance company, Tangled, have gained Arts Council Funding to put on a beautiful immersive dance theatre experience for the festive winter period at the historical and gorgeous Heaton Park Hall. Our voices will be the score to the dancers’ performance. This is a wonderful opportunity and the first of it’s kind for SHE Choir. It’s also a great time for SHEs old and new to regroup or yet-to-be-SHEs to try out a SHE Choir experience.

To join us, you’ll need:

  1. To attend at least 3 of 6 Wednesday night rehearsals in November
  2. To attend one extra Monday night rehearsal on 27th November
  3. Be available for at least half of the performances in December (see below for dates and times)
  4. Fulfil our usual “entry criteria” i.e. you identify as a woman and are willing to give it a go! 

You won’t need:

  1. To audition
  2. Any prior experience of singing or being in a choir
  3. To read music

The performances are at 2pm and 4pm on 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th of December (weekends).

We implore you to check your calendars and sign up to a manageable amount of performances for you using this easy Doodle tool. Please include your full name and if you know it, what part you sing in (TOPS/MIDDLES/BOTTOMS)

Sign up here

We hope to meet you soon, new SHEs! 

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