Writing and teaching an arrangement for the first time: Amie and Jess

​Recently at SHE Choir we learnt “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac. The ladies that wrote and taught the arrangement were Amie and Jess and it was their first time! Here is what the experience was like for them. Maybe it will give you the courage to write an arrange of your favourite song for SHE Choir!?

“After singing in choirs for many years,I often find myself listening to songs on my headphones and thinking, “this would be such a great song for SHE choir”. One such song was Little Lies by the awesome Fleetwood Mac but I had no idea how to go about making it a reality. 

After roping in Jess and Daisy so that we could tackle it together, we spent an afternoon writing an arrangement which was a challenge but something I really enjoyed. You don’t realise how many layers there are to your favourite songs until you’ve listened to it 50 times in a row and completely dissected it!

The time to teach it came around very quickly and after a little bit of help running through it and tweaking it with arrangement pro’s, Genevieve and Esther, the day to step up to the front arrived.

I’m not going to lie, I was terrified on day one! However, Jess and I taught the song together which definitely helped to ease the pressure and you soon start to feel at ease when you see all those lovely SHE smiles staring back at you.

By rehearsal two, the nerves had gone and I was really enjoying it, as it seemed were the other SHEs. The joy of hearing an arrangement you’ve put together being sung by 30+ wonderful women is indescribable and the support, encouragement and pats on the back from fellow SHEs was heart warming so anybody who has a song idea in your head, I urge you to bite the bullet and get arranging. You won’t regret it!
I’m off to get started on arrangement number two now!

Written by Amie Witherspoon

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