Frosted By Magic

Sirens, candlography, original music, and a bundle of festive bonding (whilst clutching hot water bottles and thermos’!)

This December, SHE Choir Manchester took part in something quite new for us: Frosted By Magic! Hosted by Tangled Dance Company and funded by Arts Council England, Frosted by Magic was a festive contemporary dance show accompanied by community arts groups from across Manchester. We were one such group!

Photograph of the Frosted By Magic cast on the stairs at Heaton Hall.

The Frosted By Magic cast

Long time member Ros Bell was invited to create the music for the first scene of the performance, where we, the Sirens of Yore, would attempt to turn the antagonist to stone with our glares and methodic verses.. Only in a twist of fate she steals our voices!


Our preparation for Frosted By Magic started well before the December performance. Ros started teaching SHE Choir her compositions back in October.

The show started to really come together on our first visit to Heston Hall, the majestic venue for this festive show. Even more so when we got hold of our dazzling costumes!


Shows began in early December – nearly all sold out!

Because we’ve never done anything like this before, we thought we’d find out what members of our choir thought of it!

“For me doing the Frosted by Magic gigs has been brilliant. It has made a huge contribution to building my confidence as a singer which was very low. I don’t think I have any innate ‘talent’ at singing, I don’t read music, I am not trained in singing in any way, I have never sung in a choir before. But I do really relate to the idea that singing (like dancing and many other self expressive things) should be for everyone.”

SHE Choir getting ready for a performance

“I enjoyed it. And because it turned out that sometimes there were only two or three of us singing my part there was no ‘hiding’ behind other voices. So I had to get it right. Great experience, really built my confidence, I’ve even put myself down for another gig!!”

“I loved it, and the chance to be involved in something so different!”

“It was a fab thing to be involved in. It added a new dimension to choir in my mind, that we can do self-created stuff”

Practicing our candlograpgy

Taking a bow!

Thanks to all the other performers and friends and family that came along to support our festive foray!

~SHE Choir Manchester

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