As we go marching marching…

We've had lots of change at Shechoir Manchester over recent months. We've seen lots of new faces at choir rehearsals, have got ourselves some good solid governance and most importantly are settling into our new rehearsal home at PLANT. Hidden away between the Arndale Centre and the Co-op building, PLANT plays host to incredible creatives [...]

Who is SHE? – SHE is Rosa!

  Who is she? I’m Rosa and I’m 22 Where are you from and where are you now? I’m a part time-Manc – who goes between London (my family home) and Manchester (my spiritual home) When and how did you become a part of she choir? I first saw SHE choir at the reclaim the [...]

Who is SHE? – SHE is Karen!

WHO IS SHE? My name is Karen and I'm 50. WHERE ARE YOU FROM AND WHERE ARE YOU NOW? I'm born Manchester, love it, never left, and now live in Hulme. WHEN AND HOW DID YOU BECOME A PART OF SHE CHOIR I heard about SHE through a woman at work who wanted to join [...]

The long SHE road to Edenfest.

As I wash out the last stray bits of glitter and unpack my bag which smells vaguely of gin I’m not only repetitively humming ‘da, da, da’ from the Dixie Chicks but also reflecting on the last SHEmazing weekend of loveliness at Eden Festival, Dumfries, Scotland. When we were invited to sing at Eden Festival [...]

My SHE Choir experience #2

Although it might not seem likely now, before I joined SHE Choir I struggled with singing.  It all began when I was fourteen, when I sang a very uncool song in a school concert (I call it ‘The Bette Midler Incident’). This was, let’s say, an unwise decision against the backdrop of high-school critique, and for years the memory [...]