Our ethos is simple: no fees, no auditions. We welcome anyone who identifies as female or genderqueer, and encourage all of our members to take part in making SHE what it is. Our music is arranged and conducted by our own members, and ranges from pop to rock to indie to soul to r&b to everything and anything.

SHE Choir London

Through our annual retreats and the atmosphere of sharing and collaboration, we teach each other musical skills such as arranging, conducting and performance technique, all while singing the songs we love.

SHE Choir was founded in Manchester in 2010 by three music students – Susie Wedderburn, Hannah Ashman and Ellie Westbrook. Since then, the choir has branched out to London, Berlin, Melbourne and Newcastle as founders and members have moved away and wanted to bring the experience with them!

We are always excited to add a new SHE Choir sister to our network, so if you think you’d like to start one up, get in touch.